Your own project’s viability



My project’s viability



Dimoplast has a 10 thousand units minimum production per month



Development takes between 12 to 14 weeks

Data to quote

If you already have the design or the development of your piece but you do not have the mold yet, we invite you to contact us. In Dimoplast, we can offer you advise for a comprehensive development of your (turnkey) project.

If you already have a mold, contact us to calculate the production costs. All we need is:

  1. Mold’s size (length, width and thickness in millimeters).
  2. Number of cavities.
  3. Type of material needed.
  4. Volume of production (month o annual).
  5. Weight of each piece (in grams).

For more information

If you are a specialist in the field and require technical and timely information, in the Services and Machinery sections you will find everything you need to evaluate us as your best option.


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Send us a mail, whether you only need a quotation for plastic injection or also the making of a mold.

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