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This section is designed for future Dimoplast customers who are about to develop their first project related to the manufacture of plastic parts, and thus provide them with a better vision and understanding of the subject.

A mold’s cost depends on its size, complexity and material. Molds are machined in iron, they have very specific characteristics to guarantee the pieces quality according to the volume of production. The initial investment, generally, considers the need of producing several thousand pieces, in order to amortize this tooling’s cost.

Besides the molds figure complexity, they are made of several components that take time in their making and grinding. This is why a mold’s complete development takes 12 weeks at least.

There is wide scope of materials that might be used in the injection process. The right plastic selection is according to the appearance and function the piece is meant to have. Some plastics are capable of resisting physic efforts, some have an excellent appearance and some others comply with engineering norms and requirements. Costs vary accordingly.

Annual production to calculate, number of cavities, type of material.

For more information

If you are a specialist in the field and require technical and timely information, in the Services and Machinery sections you will find everything you need to evaluate us as your best option.


Data to quote

If you already have the design or the development of your piece but you do not have the mold yet, we invite you to contact us. In Dimoplast, we can offer you advise for a comprehensive development of your (turnkey) project.

If you already have a mold, contact us to calculate the production costs. All we need is:

  1. Mold’s size (length, width and thickness in millimeters).
  2. Number of cavities.
  3. Type of material needed.
  4. Volume of production (month o annual).
  5. Weight of each piece (in grams).
consultancy for your projects

When calculating the costs, due to the number of variables bearing down on your project, it is important to take into account some information. If at the moment your project is in the ‘idea’ phase and you are thinking on using plastic injection, you could consult us and reach your own assessment of the project’s feasibility.