Specialized processes

In Dimoplast we have a wide range of services available for you to accomplish your projects and we are specialists in more complex processes. Both features turn us into a strong competitive enterprise.

We invite you to approach these features and use them to upgrade your projects.

Quality Control

Our modern equipment digitally controlled by highly trained collaborators guarantees the repeatability of production cycles. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the continuous improvement of our processes. This allows us to offer consistent products at reduced costs to our customers.


Industry Certifications

We follow high standard industry and quality certifications to ensure our customers get the highest quality plastic parts.


The aim of a plastics’ injection process is to automate parts production in a cyclic injection-molding process.


The main feature of this kind of pieces is their complex geometry which is related to particular specifications on strength, precision and finishing. These pieces, generally, are meant for the electronic and automotive industries or for specialized systems.


In Dimoplast we have the right work team and infrastructure to produce our own molds. These resources free us from depending of on third parties and helps help us with our prices and time to favor our customers.


Some of our clients.

consultancy for your projects

When calculating the costs, due to the number of variables bearing down on your project, it is important to take into account some information. If at the moment your project is in the ‘idea’ phase and you are thinking on using plastic injection, you could consult us and reach your own assessment of the project’s feasibility.